What’s New At HighBeam Studios

04 September, 2017 Recently at HighBeam Studios we’ve been flat out working on some exciting new projects. It’s been keeping us pretty busy lately but we’re always looking at marketing our brand, updating our image and providing more services to our customers. One of our most recent moves was adding Virtual Reality (VR) to our […]

What Is The 3D Animation Process in Medical and others?

HighBeam Studios has improved the proficiency of workforces all through the clinical, R&D, medical affairs, and commercial companies within numerous of the leading life science organizations, delivering instructional and technological innovation in scientific education for over 10 years. Uses for 3D Animation Most are ordinary with the magnificent 3D animated movies made by Walt Disney, […]

Awesome! Creative and Professional 3D Medical Animations

3D medical animations perform as a potent training and marketing tool for various target audiences. The 3D medical animations are designed with expert precision and high aesthetics in order to successfully show and visualize the operation of a medical procedure or a medical device, however, unique and complex. The most of the people are more […]

3D Medical Animation

3D Animation assistance a lot in understanding complex medical processes through animation videos. The advantages of well-produced medical animation have been proven successful and bring a unique advantage to medical training and marketing efforts. Cutting-edge 3D animation and modeling offer a few benefits. These presentations can graphically simplify complicated ideas and convey complex between connections, […]

Leading 3D Medical Animation Studio

Professional 3D Medical Animations,

Our specific 3D medical animation techniques are creative and accurate, helping experts in different medical fields, such as present their products, medical device sales reps and thoughts with clarity. Our services range from professional 3D medical animations to medical app development to producing custom medical device video productions. As the top medical media agency, our enthusiasm is to create the best quality digital medical with proficiency to make your medical 3D animation project successful. Our 3D medical animation studio provides visual animated productions that successfully show cellular procedures, pharmaceutical developments and diseases, treatments, and medical devices. Expert 3D medical artists sculpt virtual models for simplifying scientific ideas that are excessively challenging to understand through basic photographs and text. (more…)


Your responsibility as a physician:

Professional 3D Medical Animations

If you are a medical researcher or practitioner you comprehend your essential obligation is to that patient who sits in front of you. You further comprehend the significance of informed consent for your medical study or practice. Informed consent is more than simply getting a patient’s signature on a form. Aside from protecting you legitimately informed consent has been shown to enhance patient results because patients who comprehend their diagnoses and treatment options are shown to have better recoveries. (more…)

The Transformation of Healthcare Through Professional 3D Medical Animations

Professional 3D Medical Animations

Virtual reality (VR) is motionless in its infancy, but this long-promised, never-previously quite-achieved technology took its first tentative steps into the real world not long ago, with the official launch of the Oculus Rift headset/VR system. Content acceptable for the edification or entertainment of the general public is still mostly lacking, however, the technology promises to continue the Alteration started by the use of 3D animation and couple of businesses stand to advantage more than medicine. (more…)