How Medical Animation Can Benefit Healthcare Professionals

The medical industry is a vast and complex subject comprising multiple fields with each specialising in a particular area of study. For many, medical explanations can be “rocket-science”. Although professionals within the industry are very much knowledgeable in their field of expertise, there are aspects of the industry that can be tough to comprehend at […]

2K vs 4K

2k or 4k Written by Craig Vrankovich When deciding to commence production of a 3D medical animation I believe it is important to consider the resolution of your footage for the purposes of providing your audience with the best viewing experience possible. More and more often I am being asked whether a medical animation or […]

What’s New At HighBeam Studios

04 September, 2017 Recently at HighBeam Studios we’ve been flat out working on some exciting new projects. It’s been keeping us pretty busy lately but we’re always looking at marketing our brand, updating our image and providing more services to our customers. One of our most recent moves was adding Virtual Reality (VR) to our […]