Highbeam Studios are a premium medical-animation company based in Sydney Australia. With over thirteen years of 3D medical animation experience, we have been creating high-quality, accurate 3D medical animations for clients from all over the world. Using the latest technology in 3D animation software we are able to create stunning visuals showcasing the latest innovation in medical devices, surgical procedures, and Mechanisms of Action animations explaining new and existing medication. We endeavor to create your vision within your budget and deadlines.

At Highbeam Studios, we not only create medically accurate and visually appealing 3D medical animations but we can also assist you with the editing of your own video footage and other medical communications. We are able to assist you with your project from start to finish, including scriptwriting, voice-over work, editing, motion graphics, E-Learning content, and final delivery to your preferred platform. Even if you just want to discuss an idea feel free to contact us at info@highbeamstudios.com

We invite you to explore our medical animation website. Below you will see our latest Demo Reel showcasing some of the many medical animations we have created for clients in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

For more about our background visit our about us page.

We have also taken some still images from our medical animations for you to view at our gallery. Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see some of the medical animations we have worked on over the years.

To find out more about the animation process you can view our FAQ page or contact us at info@highbeamstudios.com